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Adam’s Peak climb (Sri Pada)

Adam’s Peak climb (Sri Pada)

Little Adam’s Peak in Ella

For anyone who has climbed the original Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada, a climb to Little Adam’s Peak would be a breeze! The peak is at 1141 meters and is a relatively easy climb with a amazing views around Ella. You don’t need a guide to do this climb and the path has sign boards throughout with a police post in the middle as well if you need any help for directions you can ask them and they are happy to help. The start of the walk is relatively flat and takes you through a working tea estate where you can watch the tea pluckers going about their daily work. You can take a tuk tuk for this part of the hike if you wish but we recommend an easy walk to enjoy the sights and sounds around the area. Then you start climbing up to the peak, the steps are quite steep and through shrub jungle which is nice and its best kept this way. Once at the top you will see two other mini-peaks which you can also climb after the main mountain top is reached. If you’re staying at the 98 Acers hotel you can do literary walk from your room to half way to the top of the mountain. Even if you’re not staying at 98 acers we do recommend a quick visit there to have a cup of tea, get a foot message if you like at their lovely Spa or have some lunch and enjoy the views after the climb to Little Adam’s Peak.

Cost per person – US$

Halpewatte Tea Factory tour

The Halpewatte Tea Factory was built in 1940 during the British Rule and now a family owned business. The factory uses modern technology in the tea making process and produces some of the best high grown tea in Sri Lanka. Situated about 6KM from Ella and 12KM from Bandarawela. They conduct a specialized tour of the tea factory by an expert planter. This tour takes place throughout the day from 9am to 4pm.  The tour itself is a great experience where you can learn about each step of the process of converting tea leaves into different varieties of tea and also you can taste samples of different teas at the end of the tour.  The tour lasts around 20-30 minutes and we highly recommend you to try this experience as there is a lot going on before a Tea cup reaches your table!

Cost per person – US$5 per person

Bible Rock Hike (Bathalegala)

Bathalegala which is popularly known as Bible Rock is a mountain located near Aranayake in Kegalle. Since the surface seems like a book/bible, it is known as the Bible Rock. Once you reach the top, you get to experience a lovely breathtaking view of the surrounding. Best time to visit will be early morning and in the afternoon.

You can take a Tuk Tuk to location where the trail starts. From there you start the hike through a jungle. At the edge of this jungle is the starting point of the climb to the peak of this rock. There are breathtaking sceneries all the way to the top. The Sumit is Plain which spans about 800 meters and there is a foot path and you can walk along the path and access both the right and left edge of the Rock. There is a Temple at the summit which now unoccupied. The views from the top are Amazing……

Cost per person – US$20 per person

Saradiel’s ancient Rock climb (Uthuwankanda)

Uthuwankanda, is a rock mountain located between Kegalle and Mawanella. It is said to be the hide-out place of Soora Saradiel – Robin Hood of Sri Lanka. Saradiel was a Gang Leader who carried out his operation of stealing from the rich people specially the British Colonial Rulers and distributing them among the poor villagers.

The start of the hike is relatively flat. After that you have to start the climb upto the peak through the jungle. Once you get to the peak, you get to experience a lovely view of the surrounding.

Cost per person – US$10 per person

Coconut Tree Rope Swing - South Coast Beaches of Sri Lanka

The experience on this Rope Swing has become a must-do activity of many Travelers. Best time would be in the afternoon where you can enjoy the sunset and get the best shots of swinging out into the the sunset, ask your swing by for an epic picture!.

Cost per person – US$

Diyaluma Water Falls Hike


Located along the remote and hardly used part of the A4 hightway close to Koslanda one can see the wonderful Diyaluma waterfalls cascading like a sheet of paper along the mountain. This being the 2nd highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka measuring up to 220ms in height is easily missed by most. Unlike the most of the other waterfalls you will see as you drive along the hill country of Sri Lanka, this is still a little gem that is not frequented by many tourists. One can be very adventurous and try to ascend to the top from the bottom of the mountain which does require some fitness and a few risks. In order to get to the start of the waterfalls our expert guide will take you along a very remote part of the island – through tea plantations to a small village. Based from there you do a 2-3 hour trek to get to the top of the Diyaluama waterfalls. This walk is one of the most scenic and amazing experiences and one of the very few places that the hill country elephants are still found roaming. These Savana grasslands will take your breath away and to end It all with a swim in a pristine water pool where the water collects before it becomes the Waterfalls it self! You can spend some time chilling in the cool waters and then even get a free shoulder massage by relaxing under the smaller waterfalls that you can sit under! We can arrange a nice picnic lunch for you to have on top of the mountain after you have had your fill in the natural spring water.

Talk to us about taking you out of the traditional tourist path and to see some amazing places like the Diyalum’s origins.

Cost per person – USD 10 per person onwards

Lipton’s Seat in Haputhale

One of the most scenic viewpoints in Sri Lanka, the Lipton’s seat is a highlight of the visit to the hill country in Sri Lanka. You can go in a vehicle up to Dambatenne Tea Factory and from there take a tuk tuk or walk through the tea plantation (7km) to reach the view point. This is said to be the place where Sir Thomas Lipton used to sit and inspected his tea plantation which stretched mileage on each and every side of the hills. The best time to go there is early morning to watch the sun rise as the view from the top is breathtaking and the clouds do cover the view quite quickly as the day goes along.

Cost per person – US$ 10 per person


The Ravana cave is located about 2KM from Ella town and is one of the lesser known places in Ella. This is a small cave and it is said that King Ravana used this cave to hide Princess Sita – from the ancient mythical story of Ramayana. It is said this cave connects to all parts of the hill country in Sri Lanka with exit tunnel mouths found in Ishtripura in Welimada, Senapitiya in Halagala, Ramboda, Labookelle, Wariyapola in Matale, and Seetha Kotuwa in Hasalaka and in many more places. You have to climb about 600-650 steps to reach top of the mountain where the cave starts. Most of the inner cave area has been filled up by earth and proper excavations have not been done yet. The last few feet within the cave can be a bit slippery as you are climbing on the loose earth mound. So good walking shoes are recommended for this climb. Depending on your fitness the hike up can take about 30-40 minutes. The views from the top of the rock cave are amazing and this lesser known treasure of Ella is a must visit place.

Cost per person – USD 10 per person


Let me take you back in time, to a time 32,000 years back when ancient man walked the earth and when life was closer to nature and everyday was a wild walk in the jungle.

On our journey we head to the famous”Beli Lena caves” situated close to the town of Kitulgala. The road to our destination is filled with lush greenery and dotted with tea plantations and little roadside shops offering Sri Lankan tea and coconut roti, an ideal snack for the weather in this area which is cool and sometimes rainy. Once reaching the end of the roadway we embark on a serene jungle trek to reach our destination. After a short trek we arrive at our destination, our lungs full of clean jungle air and excitement to see the “Beli lena”caves. The sounds of the jungle are inter-mingled with the constant rush of water from the cascading waterfall by the entrance of the cave.

The name ” Beli lena” was given to these caves because early archeologist who excavated these caves found deposits of snail shells which they believed were one of the main food source of the ancient man who inhabited the caves. Also many tools, weapons and even jewellery fashioned by these ancient race has been found in this cave. Some of these shell deposits still can be found at the location.

While,we walk through the cave there is a sense of how primitive man may have lived in this quiet and natural environment. It is easy to picture our early ancestors walking among this jungle, hunting and going about their day to day activities with one with nature.

The Beli lena caves were later converted into a buddist monastery that was used by monks as a meditation center,it is not hard to see why as the caves offer a sense of tranquility and closeness to nature.

Cost per person – US$ 10 per person