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Ceylon escapes is a company that is founded by a group of friends who are joined together by our mutual love for travel in Sri Lanka. After working over 15 years in the travel and tourism field selling standard package tours, we realized there is much more to experience than the” standard itinerary” in the country. We are professionals who have long term experience in the tourism field aim to satisfy our clients with custom made itineraries that will grant them full satisfaction and an unforgettable stay in Sri lanka., We have therefore carefully selected chauffeurs who share a similar passion and we are looking to offer tailor made tours with additional experience to remember. Our consultants and a fleet of thirty dedicated chauffeur guides are genuine and honest people who are well versed in all areas of Sri Lankan culture and history,and they always offer their best to our clients in all aspects. We guarantee that our clients will always travel with a smile with us and leave with wonderful memories of a great vacation with Ceylonescapes.

The Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka is truly a treasure island ringed with golden beaches and rich in its cultural heritage. Over centuries, the island’s beautiful landscapes, ancient heritage, wildlife, tea, spices and precious gems; and culturally diverse and friendly people, have enticed many a travellers to visit this island. Ancient Greek travellers called it `Taprobane’; Arab traders referred to it as `Serendib’; the Portuguese in the 1500s termed it `Ceilao’ and the British coined it `Ceylon’. In the words of Marco Polo, Sri Lanka is: `Undoubtedly the finest island of its size in the world.’


Sri Lanka’s ancient cultural heritage sites, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, beaches and the central hills are all waiting to be explored. We are also happy to advice you on travel to lesser known, but equally fascinating sites and experiences in Sri Lanka. Our own travels around the island enables us to provide valuable insight into local village life; cultural rituals and festivals; and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

Wildlife and conserving Sri Lanka’s natural environment, is also our passion. Constant visits to the sanctuaries and National parks enables us to advice you on Sri Lanka’s rich endemic to migrant bird life; wild elephants, leopards, sloth bears, mugger crocodiles and marine turtles; as well as the exotic marine life that inhabits the deep seas and underwater coral reefs including dolphins and gigantic Blue whales.

Come discover this fascinating island nation where the turquoise seas, lush green paddy and tea fields, tropical jungles, mountain peaks and winding rivers. To ruins of ancient kingdoms and serene temples, are all just a few hours drive away. Once here, you will want to return time and again.

Travel and adventure is our passion and having explored the length and breadth of this beautiful island, we offer you our expertise. We provide a complete ground solution including advice on your travel itinerary and most importantly transport within the country.